Soap - Cleaner - Degreaser - Deodorizer
Thousands of people say that one bottle of Miracle II Soap will make one of these or a combination of all:

384 gallon of glass cleaner
2 gallon dish washing soap
50 gallon car or truck washing soap
22 - 35 loads of clothes wash
50 gallon carpet cleaner
2 gallon oven cleaner or carport cleaner
50 quarts spot cleaner
50 gallon fire ant or wasp spray
50 gallon garden spray
50 shampoos for your car or dog

You can experiment and find many other uses for Miracle II.  Also, you can learn to use the necessary amount of water for dilution to suit your needs.  If you begin to use Miracle II exclusively, you will see amazing results not only in cleanliness, but also in the savings in your pocketbook.  Happy Cleaning!!

Supreme technology has made it possible for a perfect soap cleaner, deodorizer, natural insecticide, and antibacterial product to be put on the market.  This is the only product that is made in the world that can safely wash a newborn baby or clean up an oil spill and everything in between.
The Moisturized version of Miracle II Soap for all those with dry skin, just use the Miracle II Moisturizing Soap for cleanliness without dryness.  A smooth, creamy soap.
Try Miracle II Moisturizing Soap in your laundry and throw away your fabric softeners.
(Shake well before using to blend soap and moisturizer)
Miracle II Soap
         Miracle II
Moisturizing Soap