Eloptic Energized Spiked Miracle II Laundry and Therapeutic Ball has 209 spikes specially designed to gently scrub and massage your clothes with loving care as it bobs around in your washing machine and is safe and effective.
This is NOT like other laundry balls, it is a spiked rubber ball with Miracle II Soap and Neutralizer injected inside.
GOD is the only one that could do something to water so we could have a perfect natural solution for cleaning our clothes without using toxic soaps and detergents and no need for static and fabric softener.
We suggest you use Miracle II Soap to pre-treat stains.  For clothes with grease on them, use a half an ounce of Miracle II Soap with the Miracle II Laundry Ball. If you insist on using bleaches and detergents, you can cut back to 25% of the volume, saving you 75% of the cost!
Bleach will not hurt the Miracle II Laundry Ball.  If you want whites really white, use about a cup of vinegar with 1 ounce of Miracle II Soap and the Miracle II Laundry ball.
Washing your clothes with the Miracle II Laundry Ball is a miracle for the whole family, especially the ones with chemically sensitive skin and allergies.  Babies and adults that are allergic to all chemicals and soaps can bathe with just the Miracle II Laundry Ball in the tub of water.  Give it a try!!!!

For therapeutic use people roll the ball around on places that hurt and over the skin and under your feet to massage the 15 feet of blood vessels under each square inch of your skin.  The pores of your skin and the millions of electrical cells that are in your body will benefit from this.  Just roll the Miracle II Ball over your skin with a little Miracle II Neutralizer Gel and you will know that this is a miraculous and supernatural product.

                     Miracle II
Laundry and Therapeutic Ball