Miracle II Neutralizer is a complex mixture of minerals and organics blended together. It contains and holds spiritual and eloptic energy.
When taken internally, Miracle II Neutralizer will safely help to detoxify your blood stream and create an alkaline condition where disease, bacteria and viruses are unlikely to grow.  It neutralizes the toxins in your stomach, which helps control stomach acid, among many other things.
Miracle II Neutralizer Gel has been proclaimed to be  " A medicine cabinet in a bottle."
Miracle II Neutralizer formulated in a Gel form for those areas where you need to maintain a high level of Neutralizer over an extended period of time.  Its compact and portable for mixing with your water or brushing your teeth.
Miracle II Neutralizer Gel has amazed many with its healing ability.
  Miracle II  Neutralizer
      Miracle II  Neutralizer Gel
Miracle II  7 x Strength Neutralizer Gel
Miracle II 7x Strength Neutralizer Gel takes up where the regular Miracle II Gel leaves off.  Miracle II 7x Strength Gel promotes healing of the more serious skin conditions, helps with pain and so much more!  Great for anywhere on the body.