A Word on Miracle II Product Purity

Here at Miracle2-4u.net, you get the original Miracle II products at the right price, the price suggested by Clayton Tedeton himself. Our Miracle II products are shipped directly from the Miracle II company, with all original Miracle II product labels and seals on the bottle. We do not tamper, rebottle, dilute, or use any other labels. In fact, the Miracle II products we receive from the Miracle II plant come in "Food Grade" bottles. Even the drums that go out for Agriculture use are also "Food Grade" drums. When Miracle II products arrive here from the Miracle II plant, the Regular Soap, Moisturizer Soap & Neutralizers are in 22 oz. bottles, tightly sealed. 

Tightly sealed in "Food Grade" bottles and drums is the only way Miracle II should be sold, and in order to receive a product that you know is original, high quality, and undiluted, it is the only way you should buy Miracle II. Thank you for your continued trust and business with Miracle2-4u.net!

The Miracle II Plant is an advanced high-tech multi-million dollar plant to better serve us all for many years to come! 

* What are the ingredients of Miracle II Soap? (What's on the label?)

The FDA does not regulate the contents of soap. The inventor of Miracle II Products, Clayton Tedeton, has decided not to reveal the exact formula, and therefore the exact answer to that question is between him and God.
What we do know is from the label on the Miracle II Soap bottle, which reads thus:
"The most complex mixture of natural minerals and organics that has ever been blended together. Miracle II is a spiritually revealed, formulated product. Contains: Prayer - Electrically engineered eloptic energized stabilized oxygenated water - Ash of Dedecyl solution - Dehydrabiethylamine - Calcium - Potassium - Magnesium - Foaming agent - Cold pressed Acovado - Almond - Olive & Coconut Oils - Vitamin E - Miracle II contains and holds spiritual and eloptic energy (Miracle II explanation for the Elopic Energy is: Miracle II soap is run through two (2) Arc's of 400 volts of electricity each. To Make the 7 X's gel it is put throught the arc's 6 difference times.)."