Statement by Tedco Inc concerning variations in the Miracle II Products.

Any statements about changes in the formula or the manner in which we manufacture Miracle II products are totally false.

  The formulations and manufacturing methods for the Miracle II soap products have remained unchanged for over 25 years. Beside the fact that these soap products have helped untold thousands of people world-wide, there would be no logical business reason to change the formulations in any manner: the soap products as originally formulated and manufactured work fantastically for thousands of people; these people are repeat customers, many times over, who want the soap products in their original formulations; and our company has prospered consistently throughout the years selling these products in their original formulations. As the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

  As with any product that uses botanicals in its formulation, there will be certain natural changes in color, natural fragrance and thickness from lot to lot, depending on the conditions in which a particular botanical grows and matures (such as length of daylight and darkness, amount of rainfall, heat, cold, etc.).  While these factors may slightly affect the color, fragrance or thickness of the final product, none of this affects the overall functioning of the botanical in the formulation or the total effectiveness of the product. If a particular customer prefers a specific thickness, shade of color, or presence/absence of natural fragrance, and does not find this in a particular lot of product, then he must decide whether or not he wishes to use that particular lot of product. It by no means results from any changes made by our manufacturing or formulating processes, and it does not make our product “defective” or less effective for its intended purposes.



Tedco, Inc.