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Hi Everyone!!  You know, Clayton said he didn't know what God was having him make when he first started the Miracle II.  God just told him to make it and give it to the people and the people would tell him what it did for them.  Well, all these years later, we are still learning more things that the Miracle II can do for us!  If you have info to share here, please E-mail me at the bottom of this page.
By the way, my name is Alberta, also known as Stormy. 
I talk with many people each week about the Miracle II and the other Natural products we carry, some are seeking advice, some just want to share their exciting results with our products.  We have so much to thank God for every day of our lives, and our natural products are some of those things I thank God for each and every day! 
Use the Miracle II and our other Natural products, experiment, and have fun, then give the Glory to God!!!
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Are you into "colors" ?? Did you know that Miracle II Laundry and Therapeutic balls come in 4 different colors.  Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow .
I have learned that the Red is the color to improve circulation and gives energy. Blue is for healing and calms the nerves. Green is for the heart and also improves finances. Yellow is spiritually uplifting.
(think I'll order a dozen of each!!)

You can make your own moisturizing soap to suit your own skin needs by adding the Miracle II Skin Moisturizer to the Miracle II Reg. Soap.  Just add the amount you think you need for your skin.  I have dry skin so I mix about 2 oz. of Skin Moisturizer to 20 oz. of Soap.  If that doesn't seem enough for the time, I add a little more moisturizer.

Open up your pores and let the toxins out!  Try using equal proportions of Miracle II Soap and Neutralizer in your bath water and soak about 30 minutes.  (Try using about 1 ounce of each in tub of water, use less Soap in circulating water.) Detox baths are very important when using Miracle II, it is a big part of getting the most benefits from Miracle II.

Many use drops of warm Miracle II Neutralizer in the ears for cleaning out the ears.

I've been told that spraying Miracle II Neutralizer in the throat and up the nose into the sinus area is great for singers, helps their vocal chords!

If your dog comes in smelling like the "not so great outdoors" spray it down with the Miracle II Neutralizer.  (I have a Doberman, she gets sprayed down everyday.)

Well folks, here is another one for your pets!  It has been reported to me that a mixture of half Neutralizer and half Soap will totally clean up your pet after being sprayed by a skunk!  A customer of mine's Collie took a direct hit in the face by a skunk and she showered him using the Miracle II mixture above and the result was a clean dog, even clean smelling!  Thanks LF for sharing that with us.

Try cleaning your computer monitor screen with Neutralizer, it works great!

Be sure to clean all your fresh fruits and vegetables with the Neutralizer and Soap so as to get rid of any chemical residue still on the vegetables, then rinse and spray with Miracle II Neutralizer and they will keep longer!

Hunters:  After you soak your wild game in the salt water or white distilled vinegar, (according to the game itself) then soak in water a few hours, drain and soak in Miracle II Neutralizer and water for 24 hours and it will tenderize the meat and take out the "gamy wang".  You'll find very little difference in the taste of deer versus beef, for example.

My daughter informs me she knows first hand that Miracle II Gel works on sunburns, even severe sunburns, it just takes a little longer for the severe ones to heal!  To bad she didn't use the Gel BEFORE going out in the sun!!

If you are into facials and skin care (fighting the signs of aging!!) this is what I do....I cleanse with Miracle II Moisturizing soap, tone with Miracle II Gel, (the Miracle II 7xStrength Gel works more like a face lift!) and moisturize with Miracle II Skin Moisturizer.  Before I got into Miracle II, I worked at a National Cosmetic Studio and paid HIGH dollar to fight those signs of aging, and I feel the Miracle II products do just as well or better! 

After bathing or showering with your favorite Miracle II Soap, squirt some Miracle II Gel AND Miracle II Skin Moisturizer in the palm of your hand and mix them up a bit, then apply to your body.  You get the protection of the Gel and the moisturizing benefits of the Skin Moisturizer in one application.

Add Miracle II Neutralizer to your swimming pool instead of chemicals for a much healthier pool this year!  Takes about a gallon of Miracle II Neutralizer for an average size pool. 

For sore or aching muscles or anything you need the Gel applied for a length of time, try saturating a gauze pad with the Gel and placing it on the spot where you need it, then cover with bandage or what ever is appropriate for what you are using it for. 

Clayton discovered that if you add a little Miracle II Neutralizer to your milk, the milk will stay sweet longer.  I tried it, it works!!  Not that I doubted Clayton for a minute...  its just I was surprised at how much longer it stayed sweet!

My Husband, Don was telling me that since he has been shaving with the Miracle II Soap that his razors are lasting longer!  Just a little added savings there!

For a wonderful hair creme conditioner/detangler try mixing equal amount of Miracle II Skin Moisturizer and Miracle II Neutralizer.  It works great. If you have dry or damaged hair try straight Skin Moisturizer or 3/4 Moisturizer & 1/4 Neutralizer.  The Miracle II Gel is great as a hair gel.

Have you tried Miracle II Soap to wash your vehicles?  It works great and with such ease, its incredible!  Bugs wash off so easily you'll be amazed.  And what is really amazing is, it cleans so well with so little soap.  Don has a wash mitt and only uses a few drops to wash the entire vehicle.

Use Miracle II to bath your pets! We bathe our dogs with Miracle II Moisturizing Soap and  spray them daily with Miracle II Neutralizer to freshen.   Our dogs also get the Neutralizer in their water, they have gotten so they won't drink water that isn't Neutralized!!  They KNOW what is good for them!

My Grand-daughter, Autumn, who is 14 years old, says Miracle II Neutralizer Gel works great to clean her eye-glasses.  Thanks Autumn for that tip!!!

We learned first hand that Miracle II Soap and Neutralizer will quickly break up a spill of diesel fuel.

Attention Truckers and travelers:  Carry a squirt bottle of Miracle II Neutralizer and sprits your face for a quick pick-me-up!  Use the Miracle II Soap for cleaning the vehicles and Miracle II Neutralizer for your windshields.

Try putting a few drops of your favorite essential oil into a spray bottle of Neutralizer for a nice room spray.

If your Miracle II Laundry & Therapeutic ball should begin to lose its air, CAREFULLY air it back up with a bicycle tire pump.  Don't put the needle in to far or you will be blowing bubbles and losing the Miracle II!

Did you know that Miracle II Skin Moisturizer is about 75% Miracle II Neutralizer Gel and 25% Natural Oils?  Clayton's Son told me that!

To give or receive a great back massage try using Miracle II Gel and the Miracle II Laundry and Therapeutic Ball, it feels GREAT!!

I've been hearing that if you want a relaxing nights rest, to rub Miracle II Gel on the bottoms of your feet.

Save your Miracle II bath water to water your plants and give them a little extra boost!

Don't waste a drop of your Miracle II.  When I get to the bottom of my bottle of Gel, I put a little liquid Neutralizer in it and shake it up for a little more potent Neutralizer.  When I get to the bottom of my bottle of Skin Moisturizer I put in a little of my Moisturizing Soap and shake well.  And when I get to the bottom of a bottle of Soap I add water and use it for cleaning.

In the summer my feet get dried out from wearing sandals all the time.  After a bath in Miracle II Soap and Neutralizer I like to rub the Miracle II Gel on my feet then rub in Miracle II Skin Moisturizer.

For dry flakey skin I've always told people to add a bit of Olive Oil to the Miracle II Skin Moisturizer which helps in most cases .

Okay, I just got a report from Santa Claus that Miracle II does a great job of cleaning his suit!!!  We all know Santa knows a good thing when he sees it!!
Please see his picture at bottom of page.

Share Miracle II with your friends and neighbors, you will all be glad you did!


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